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About Johar CC

The Bear bring to life the phrase ‘Sher-e-Karachi’, which literally means ‘Lions of Karachi’. We Bears like to see themselves as brave, royal and with huge hearts, qualities best epitomized by a lion. These reflect in their loud, hospitable and gallant culture. Thus, together the we Johar Bears depict the strength & fierceness of the Karachi and the desire to excel in cricket.

Our Culture

  • We are all Pakistanis: by heritage; by birth or by choice.
  • We are lion-hearted: brave, bold, courageous and heroic.
  • We are passionate and committed. We are born to win.

Our Beliefs

The means are as important as the end.While winning is what we play for, playing in the correct spirit and fairness, are equally important.

We are:

  • Lion-hearted
  • Spirited
  • Passionate
  • Entertaining
  • Brave
  • Fan-oriented



“Johar Bear represents an energetic and invigorating feel to aptly reflect upon the team’s unmistakable spirit to play with pride, passion and perseverance. The Symbol of BEARS represents the team’s spirit of pride, majesty and confidence. Our identity represents unity by way of bonding and brings all elements of the brand visuals cohesively and holistically”

“Johar Bear’s colors are also derived from the fire-young, energetic, vibrant in its appeal, colors and combinations that connote elements of all that fuels the passion and the desire for glory with the fire in the belly of the team to win the game”


Johar Bear Dedicated Brands